Salem Sowdeswari College
Salem Sowdeswari College
   Rules and Discipline   


  •  Students should obey the rules and regulations then and there introduced by the college authorities
  •  Students’ behaviour shall be marked by courtesy, dignity and respect  for elders.


  • Students are required to be regular and punctual to the classes.  All the students   should maintain 100% attendance.
  • A candidate shall be permitted to appear for the University examination in any semester, only if the candidate    secures not less than 75% of the attendance in terms of total number of periods.
  • Students should get prior permission to take leave.
  • Leave letter should be submitted in the prescribed form in writing endorsed by the parent or guardian.
  • When the students avail On Duty leave in connection with sports, fine arts, presentation of papers, project work etc., they should make sure that their On Duty leave application is in the prescribed format, approved through proper channel as mentioned above, reach the attendance section in time.


  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited inside and outside the college premises.
  • Drinking alcohol, consuming drugs and smoking, use of Cell Phones in the premises of the college is strictly       prohibited.
  • Students shall not loiter along the verandahs or crowd in front of the offices or the Campus roads. Student should refrain from sitting on places such as parapets, stairs, footpaths etc.
  • Students shall not indulge in violence of any kind.
  • Groupism of any kind that would distort the harmony is not permitted.
  • Students are prohibited from indulging in anti-institutional, anti-national, antisocial, communal, immoral and         political  expressions and activities within the Campus and hostels.
  • Students from other colleges and friends from outside are not allowed inside the campus without permission.
  • Silence shall be maintained in the campus.
  • Students shall only use the waste bins for dispensing waste materials within the Campus including classrooms,   hostels, offices, canteen and messes.
  • Writing on walls, pillars, toilets and furniture is strictly prohibited.
  • Eating of snacks/lunch inside the class rooms or in the corridor is strictly prohibited. They should take their       lunch only in the students’ amenities centre.


  • Students shall not deface, disfigure, damage or destroy or cause any loss in any manner to or regarding public,  private or Institute properties. 
  • Students are advised to switch off the fans and lights when they leave the class rooms.
  •  Furniture in the class rooms should not be moved and displaced.


  • All the students are expected to come to the college decently dressed.
  • Girls can only wear either saree or churidhar to the class.
  • Wearing of T-shirts, short shirts, shirts with printed sceneries or write up and Jeans pant is totally prohibited in  the college campus.