Salem Sowdeswari College
Salem Sowdeswari College
  • Adequate Pattern making tools, cutting accessories & serving machines are available for dress making.
  • Various Pattern trails are carried out for Basic & Creative styles of garments.
  • Variety of sewing machines are available like SNLS (Manual & Power), three thread over lock machine and fashion maker, etc.
  • Here the students are well trained for different dress making styles.
  • Students are motivated for the creation of fashionable garments.
  • Practical experience is the great excellence of our fashion designing students.

  • Required chemicals and dyes are available for coloring & printing process.
  • Printing Equipments and accessories like screen, block (wood, nail), and wax.
  • Auto wrap reel machine, Lea strength testing machine, yarn strength machine, yarn twist testing machine, Fabric Burst strength testing machine, Fabric shrinkage plate and yarn count finding machines are available.


Sophisticated Equipment
The department of bio technology has all the required facilities with separate laboratories. The lab can access 30 students with all accessible practical requirements.

Specialties in biotechnology are:
  • The state of art in tissue culture labs.
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry and immunology laboratories.
Labs are provide with sufficient practical requirements and are in process successfully.
Biotechnology lab features:
  • State of art in tissue culture labs.
  • Mushroom cultivation labs
  • Immunological techniques.


    To bring out meritorious and versatile students and to develop the intellectual capacity, critical thinking and problem solving ability of the students the well equipped chemistry lab caters to their thirst for knowledge.

Gravimetric analysis:
  • Hot air oven for drying purpose in gravimetric analysis.(500oc)
  • Four Digit electronic balance for weighing chemicals accurately(shimadzu)
  • Vacuum pump used to filtering in gravimetric analysis.
Physical chemistry:
  • Digital Conductivity Meter
  • Required glass wares, thermometers are used in physical experiments
  • Sufficient  and quality glass wares and chemicals are used.
Organic chemistry:
High quality chemicals are used in organic analysis and preparation.