Salem Sowdeswari College
Salem Sowdeswari College
   Social Activities   


    The College runs the National Service Scheme (NSS) with a unit of 200 members. The NSS provides training in leadership and service opportunities to the members.It effectively channels the energy and interest of the students into areas of social, cultural and community development. The NSS Wing of the college remained active throughout the session, involving the maximum number of students in the service of the nation in the true spirit .The N.S.S Unit of the college organizes community service programmes time to time.   


 Regular activities

  •    Health checkups and medical camps (Eye test, Dental checkup, Blood group   identification etc)
  •    Health talks (Life for All)
  •    Observance of “world” & “National days”
  •    Tree plantations
  •    Literacy campaigns             

Special activities

  •     Basic orientation courses in community health
  •     Relief camps in natural calamities
  •     Blood donation camps
  •     AIDS camps
  •     Public awareness rallies
  •     Drug Awareness Programme


The College National Cadet Corps is one of the upcoming units in the Battalion and the cadets are trained to carry out the task of building a powerful nation. Its main motto is “UNITY AND DISCIPLINE” Our NCC (Army wing) fosters Qualities of Character, Courage, Comradeship, Discipline, Leadership and Sportsmanship among the cadets. Its motivates the youth to provide leadership in all walks of life.


  The objectives of the YRCare to impart a sense of discipline and formation of character to the students.In this college, the students are molded to be not only innovators, explorers,scientists etc. , but also to be the best educator with social consciousness totransform into nation builders. This has been possible, because of the trainingimparted to them in the first year of their studies in discipline, characterbuilding, personality development etc. along with academic input.                         



  • Health Camp
  • Blood Grouping and Blood Donation Camp
  • First Aid
  • Fire Safety
  • Road Safety Programmes and Rally
  • AIDS Awareness Programme and Rally
  • Tree Plantation