Salem Sowdeswari College
Salem Sowdeswari College
   Our Learning Approach   
    Our Approach to Learning
Professionalism Across Discipline

     Our college education will enable you to understand processes; to analyze, synthesize, and address problems and  formulate solution strategies; to think across disciplines; to communicate ideas; and to recognize the social, economic and political contexts of your field of study.

Individualized Academic Advising

The adviser-advise system anchors every student's program; advisers will help you devise your study plans and monitor your progress.

Flexible additional Curriculum

Our Institute takes a flexible approach to teaching. You will design your own study program according to your inclination and career objectives. In addition to the courses specified for each field, you can select from a wide range of electives like Communication classes, Skill development classes, Personality development courses, programming development courses, paper presentation techniques, placement training program etc. You will learn to think across fields from scientific planning and skillful management to efficient utilization of natural resources.

Real-Life Development Problems and Industrial Practice

Through our close contacts with industry, you will be exposed to extensive work in the private sector as well as public sector. Your courses will include case studies modules that help you acquire an applications-oriented outlook. It practice includes the following

1.   Industrial Visit

2. Mini Project  for students 

3.Educational Tour Etc